Canmore Tourism

Planning your Visit to Canmore

With so much to see and do around Canmore, this gem is a popular place for people to visit in Canada. Understanding what is offered can help you plan your trip. You can select accommodations with the perks you want and plenty of space for all travelling with you. You will have details about great places to dine, and you can make a reservation in advance for those places that require it.


If you love the thrill of adventure, Canmore has plenty of activities that don’t disappoint! This includes white water rafting and rock climbing. There are caves and canyons where you can go on guided expeditions. Hiking trails marked with different skill levels make it possible to see the area’s beauty while taking in all that nature has to offer.

During winter, the ice walk in Grotto Canyon is a popular place to spend time! Cross-country skiing is available too. Don’t worry if you are new to any of these activities. There are events open to various fitness levels and experience levels. Learning the basics from an expert before you embark on such an adventure ensures fun and safety.


There are many hotels in Canmore offering variety and great prices. The location and what is offered may influence your decision. If you travel to the area with family, you may desire a two-bedroom condo versus a typical hotel room. Some of the accommodations offer a spectacular view of the mountains. Others have additional perks, including a swimming pool or a spa.


With more than 40 restaurants around Canmore, you will find unique dishes you love! Some of the hotels have restaurants inside of them. Others are within walking distance. You will find cafes, coffee shops, places for a simple lunch, and upscale dining options for dinner. You can choose the type of food and environment you wish to take part in when you are in the area. Check out reviews and menus online so you know what to try when you arrive.


There are several shopping districts and malls around Canmore. Many of them offer unique boutiques where you can find one-of-a-kind items available. Others are larger stores, but you will find plenty you wish to take home. Make sure you save space in your luggage when you pack for your trip to get it all back home!

Nightlife and Activities

Check the calendar for your travel dates because Canmore has some great activities. Some of them are annual events, and others are one-time only. There is plenty taking place downtown with the nightlife too. You will find plenty to see and do during your visit to Canmore, but it isn’t impossible. Plan your visit so you can explore as much as possible and not miss out on anything that captures your attention!