Pet Friendly Accomodations

Traveling with a pet doesn’t have to be a challenge, not when you know where to stay. There are pet-friendly hotels in Canmore, and they welcome guests that bring along such companions. Many of them have a wonderful area for your pet to play and relieve themselves. Others have additional perks including food dishes, treats, and even a bed for your pet to sleep in while in the room.
Each of the hotels will vary with what they offer. It is important to conduct your research before you make a reservation. Never try to take a pet into a hotel that doesn’t allow pets. You may be asked to leave and not get your money refunded either. There are enough pet-friendly hotels in Canmore that you will find exactly what you are looking for. This will make traveling with your pet fun and relaxing.

Pet Deposit

Most of the pet-friendly hotels in Canmore require an additional deposit when you check in for the pet. If they damage anything in the room, you may not get that deposit back. If you have any concerns, make sure you discuss them with the front desk upon checking out so the issues can be resolved. Otherwise, they may charge you additional funds on your credit card to cover what they deem as damages from pets.


Each of the pet-friendly hotels in Canmore have different policies. It is important to read them before you book your room. For example, some of them only allow cats and others have a weight limit. There can be a limit on the number of pets per room too. If you have any questions about these policies, reach out to the hotel before you book your room. They can help you get your questions answered.

Basecamp Resort

You will notice plenty of guests with their pets at Basecamp Resort. The rooms are designed to block out sound, and that means you don’t hear other guests or their pets. They can be strict though about dogs barking continually, especially at night. If there are any complaints about this they may charge you extra on your bill.

Great Options for Pet-Friendly Hotels in Canmore

Below are some of the best options for pet-friendly hotels in Canmore. These were selected based on reviews from previous guests, amenities, price, and other details. You may find this information useful in your search for the best place to stay when you visit Canmore, Alberta with your pet!

Copperstone Resort

From the moment you enter Copperstone Resort, you will feel welcome, and so will your pet! The front desk has treats for them and you will receive them when you check in. If you need any items for your pet during your stay, they will do their best to accommodate your needs.


This is a clean and comfortable place to stay in Canmore. Guests with pets tend to be booked on the first floor. Those rooms have a sliding door that conveniently leads to the grassy area designed for the dogs to use the bathroom and get some exercise. You won’t have to take them back through the lobby and outside to reach that area.

The Malcom

This hotel offers an amazing view of the mountains and it is ideal for your pet to stay with you. It is close to walking trails where you can put your dog on a leash and take them for a leisurely stroll with you. This is one of the hotels that doesn’t have a weight limit, so it is perfect if you have larger sized dogs.