Visiting Canmore

In the heart of the Canadian Rockies, you will find the lovely location of Canmore, Alberta. This is a mountain town with plenty to explore and see. The view of the mountains is spectacular, and a common draw to this area. Yet it is just a small piece of all that is offered here. Being surrounded by nature is a great way to relax and get your life back in balance. The scenery changes here based on the season.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to take part in around Canmore. There is also plenty of art on display every where you go. It is ideal for a couple to focus on each other, the family to get away for some bonding time, or some great adventures. There is something for everyone and their preferences, and that is why it is a prime tourist area.

Enjoy the Outdoors

For many people, a visit to Canmore means time spent outside. They love the trails and parks. They also enjoy skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. There are plenty of resorts including Mount Norquay, Lake Louise, and Banff not far from Canmore. There is also ice skating and dog sledding tours that take you through the wilderness. For those more adventurous, some cross-country skiing may be high on the list of activities to take part in!

During the summer, Canmore is a haven for hiking and biking. There are many trails that expose you to the beauty of this area. Each of them gives a view of the valleys and mountains for as far as the eyes can see. Some of the common summer activities here include rafting, kayaking, and fishing. The biggest adventure offered is rock climbing!

Explore the Culture and Arts of Canmore

Appreciating the culture and arts in Canmore is part of the thrill as you explore the area. People come from all over the world to see it! There are streets filled with studios and galleries you can go into and view at your own pace. If you find something you love, you can buy it and take it home. Many of the retailers will ship those items for your convenience. It is fun to see the work of local artists on display as you shop and dine too.

Make sure you explore the Geoscience Centre and Canmore Museum when you visit the area. Both of them give you a look at the rich history of the area as well as some geology relating to it. Look at the schedule for performances and events at Elevation Place to help you schedule the best time for your visit to Canmore.

Delightful Dining

The possibilities for dining are endless in Canmore. They range from a simple coffee shop to pizza places. You can enjoy an elaborate brunch, wine tasting events, and amazing dinners. There are plenty of options that fit any preferences or budget. The nightlife is fun with plenty of bars and live entertainment available. Check out the craft beer and unique wine options too. There are several tours of wineries and breweries you can schedule.

Places to Stay

There are plenty of wonderful places to stay around Canmore. They include hotels, bed & breakfasts, and luxury lodges in the mountains. Some of them are pet-friendly and almost all of them welcome families. If you wish to enjoy outdoors more, consider a campground option during your stay. There is something for everyone, no matter how much you wish to spend or the perks you wish to enjoy!

Plan your Days

You don’t have to stay in Canmore all the time, there is plenty to see and do close by! Consider planning day trips with Canmore the place where you stay at night. Banff National Park is one of the best places to visit. There are two lakes here including Moraine Lake and Lake Louise. The scenic drive along Icefields Parkway is worth the time it takes! It is considered to be one of the most beautiful roads you will find in the entire world! It is located between Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. Kananaskis is a town close to Canmore, and there is plenty of fishing locations and hiking trails in this area.

Tips for the Best Visit to Canmore

Due to the number of tourists in Canmore at any time of year, plan your trip in advance. You will struggle to sign up for tours or find a place to stay if you wait until you arrive. Plan your agenda in advance. Make sure you book reservations for dinner at the upscale places if you desire as you won’t be able to get in without a reservation.

The weather can change often so be prepared for anything. It is best to dress in layers so you can add or remove clothing depending on the conditions. Bring along rain gear and plenty of sunscreen. You will be doing plenty of walking so make sure your shoes offer the support you need. Pay attention to posted signs and information, always stay on the marked trails. Be respectful of the environment and the wildlife in the area.

You will have fond memories of your visit to Canmore, Alberta! Many people can’t wait to go back after their initial visit! Try to stay for a week or long so you have ample time to relax, enjoy the activities that interest you, and try something new. There are plenty of hidden gems in addition to the popular attractions. You will find plenty to fill your days and nights, and love your time spent here!