Canmore has plenty to do, all year!

With the spectacular shops, restaurants, nightlife, and natural beauty, it is no wonder so many people are visiting Canmore. There is plenty to see and do no matter what time of year you visit. This town is known for the beautiful mountains and the friendly atmosphere. It is a gem and just about everyone that visits here can’t wait to come back and see it again.

Summer and Spring

In the summer and spring amazing outdoor adventures including hiking and rafting are common. It is the perfect time of year for leisurely walking through the area and popping into the various shops. You will find collectibles, clothing, trendy items, and much more. You can add them to your own home, or you can buy them as gifts.

The artwork on display around Canmore is appreciated by tourists. Take your time to see the murals or visit the various galleries. They give some insight into the culture and often represent the natural beauty of this area.

Fall and Winter

In the fall and winter, people love to see the snow on the mountains. They also come to this area for some of the best skiing they have ever experienced. Don’t worry if you are new to skiing, there are slopes for beginners and also lessons available. If the slopes aren’t your thing, you will still be blown away by the beauty of the mountains with some snow on them.

Who will you See?

It is no secret many athletes have homes in Canmore. Some of them are retired and permanently reside here now. Others have homes here, but they still travel for their sports. Some of them are part of professional teams and others have participated in the Olympics. Keep your eyes open as you explore Canmore and the camera ready! It is exciting to see one of them and perhaps get a quick photo with them too.

Where to Stay

Due to the popularity of Canmore as a tourist destination, there is no shortage of hotels to pick from. The location may influence your decision. Various perks and amenities offered may influence your decision. For may travellers, the cost of a room has to be evaluated too. They want a clean, comfortable place but they don’t want to overpay for what the facility offers.

Amazing Food

No travel experience is complexly with some amazing food to rave about! You won’t be disappointed with the variety offered around Canmore. You can choose a simple café or coffee shop. You can go to one of the popular tourist spots and decide for yourself which one has the best dishes! You can also create a reservation for an upscale dining experience you will always remember.

Calendar of Events

If you have flexible dates for your next visit to Canmore, look at the calendar of events. Certain events of festivals may capture your attention. This could be the ideal time for you to visit and take it in for the experience. If you already have set dates to travel, check the calendar and see what is going on while you are there. You may discover something you wish to carve out time for so you can attend.